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Poppin the Cork or hitting the Ball

Flying into Paradise - whether private jet or commercial airlines, California and its Monterey Peninsula are waiting for you with those Blue Skies, Blue Ocean, the hopeful "hole in one" at Pebble - if you've been to Pebble, you know, you can't wait to return! Actually, there are over 20 public and private courses on the Monterey Peninsula, which includes 3 of those at Pebble. Then adding to your itineraries, day trips to Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Napa/Sonoma, via air charter, of course, skip the roads and use the airways - no traffic, no unpacking and repacking, stay on the Central Coast and Wine Flights VIP arranges vineyard itineraries in some of the grandest places. Oh, and your airplane waits for you! Dinner in Paso anyone? Return to Monterey same day, its decadent!

I was just in Paso Robles and had the most exquisite experience while staying at Allegretto, from their check-in services which right away gave me that aha easy feeling that things were going to be special just from the first experience at check-in - I was not disappointed - from my accommodations to the food, to the wine tasting room with beautiful wine selections, to the friendliness of all the staff I met during my stay. And the hotel is gorgeous inside and out!

Then the vineyard at Vina Robles - WOW, extraordinary experience, wonderful cascading hills planted with vines everywhere - barrel rooms, patios, well appointed hospitality facility for tastings and chef prepared lunch - wonderful service, down to earth people - don't miss this place either!

There are over 4,000 vineyards and wineries in California - I am visiting them as fast as I can so when you want someplace really special, I will know how to help you plan that next get-a-way to Paradise!

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